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#101 The length of motorway (M-2) between islamabad and lahore is

A)   360 km
B)   392 km
C)   353 km
D)   367 km
Answer:   D

#102 The Motorway between Lahore and Abdul Hakeem is

A)   M-5
B)   M-14
C)   M3
D)   M6
Answer:   C

#103 The length of M-3 Motorway is _______ km

A)   230
B)   240
C)   220
D)   212
Answer:   A

#104 There are _________ numbers of loop in C++ language

A)   1
B)   2
C)   3
D)   4
Answer:   C

#105 Which of the following device is considered to be the first computer ?

A)   Difference Engine
C)   Tabulating Machine
D)   Mark 1
Answer:   B

#106 which of the following is the process of strong the data information and instructions ?

A)   input operation
B)   processing operation
C)   output operation
D)   storage operation
Answer:   D

#107 ________ computers are the second powerful and expensive computers than supercomputers.

A)   microcomputers
B)   mini computers
C)   mainframe computers
D)   laptops
Answer:   C

#108 __________is not a portable computer system ?

A)   laptop
B)   PDA
C)   notebook
D)   mainframe
Answer:   D

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