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#121 how much is 1 mega byte memory equal to ?

A)   1024 K Bytes
B)   1000 K Bytes
C)   1024 K Bits
D)   1024 G Bytes
Answer:   A

#122 which material is used to make memory chips?

A)   Iron
B)   Gold
C)   Silver
D)   silicon
Answer:   D

#123 ________ has the highest storage capacity.

A)   DVD
B)   Blue-Ray Disk
C)   CD
D)   Zip Disk
Answer:   B

#124 _______ is a type of optical storage ?

A)   Hard disk
B)   Blue-Ray disk
C)   Floppy disk
D)   Zip disk
Answer:   B

#125 Which of the following is the sequential access storage devices?

A)   magnetic disk
B)   Blue-ray disk
C)   magnetic tape
D)   Zip disk
Answer:   C

#126 _______ Coordinates and controls the computer system just like the brain controls the human body .

A)   Bus
B)   Control Unit
C)   Output Unit
D)   Register
Answer:   B

#127 Where are the logical operations performed in the CPU?

A)   CU
B)   Registers
C)   ALU
D)   Memory
Answer:   C

#128 __________ is a small memory device available in the CPU to store data temporarily.

A)   CU
B)   Register
C)   ALU
D)   memory
Answer:   B

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