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#211 __________ is used to display data in an organized manner so that users can print it .

A)   Table
B)   Form
C)   Query
D)   Report
Answer:   D

#212 Monday is to February as Friday is to _____

A)   May
B)   July
C)   June
D)   March
Answer:   C

#213 Gun is to soldier as ________ is to blacksmith.

A)   Hammer
B)   Plane
C)   Nail
D)   Spaceship
Answer:   A

#214 Which one is different from the rest?

A)   CE
B)   EG
C)   AC
D)   IJ
Answer:   D

#215 Which one is different from the rest?

A)   AD
B)   IL
C)   QS
D)   MP
Answer:   C

#216 What is the next number in the following series? 4,8, 24, 96 __

A)   408
B)   556
C)   804
D)   480
Answer:   D

#217 What will come next in the following series: 17 3 51 19 3 ____

A)   3
B)   57
C)   48
D)   75
Answer:   B

#218 Which one is out of list?

A)   Mare
B)   Fox
C)   Lass
D)   Hen
Answer:   C

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