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#261 Which is the longest bone in the human body?

A)   Tibia
B)   Femur
C)   Leg
D)   Stapes
Answer:   B

#262 Which of the following branch of zoology deals with the study of insects?

A)   Ethology
B)   Ornithology
C)   Entomology
D)   Herpetology
Answer:   C

#263 Hinglaj Meta Temple is located in :

A)   Punjab
B)   KPK
C)   Baluchistan
D)   Sindh
Answer:   C

#264 The most abundant protein in the human body is

A)   Myosin
B)   Actin
C)   Albumin
D)   Collagen
Answer:   D

#265 Ceylon was re-named as Sri Lanka on

A)   22 May 1971
B)   22 May 1974
C)   22 May 1972
D)   22 May 1973
Answer:   C

#266 Fatima Jinnah Date of Birth Year ___________

A)   1889
B)   1893
C)   1897
D)   1892
Answer:   B

#267 Fatima Jinnah was ___________ by profession.

A)   Teacher
B)   Nurse
C)   Dentist
D)   Advocate
Answer:   C

#268 The largest river of the world is ____________

A)   Nile River
B)   Amazon River
C)   Yangtze River
D)   Mississippi-Missouri River
Answer:   B

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