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#81 Host for Commonwealth games 2026?

A)   China
B)   Australia
C)   France
D)   Itlay
Answer:   B

#82 The world biggest importer of arms

A)   India
B)   China
C)   Russia
D)   USA
Answer:   A

#83 When NACTA was established?

A)   2003
B)   2009
C)   2010
D)   2005
Answer:   B

#84 Who is General Secretary of UN (2022)?

A)   Boutros Boutros-Ghali
B)   Ban Ki-moon
C)   António Guterres
D)   Kofi Annan
Answer:   C

#85 Joe Bidden assumed office on ___________

A)   20 Jan, 2021
B)   12 Dec, 2021,
C)   10 Aug, 2021
D)   9 Oct, 2021
Answer:   A

#86 The study of teeth is called

A)   Dentalogy
B)   Odontology
C)   Ophthalmology
D)   Dermatology
Answer:   B

#87 Glucose syrup is prepared from

A)   Maize
B)   Sugar cane
C)   Grapes
D)   Apples
Answer:   A

#88 I _______ your apology

A)   Except
B)   Accept
C)   __
D)   __
Answer:   B

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