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#1 Coulomb’s law is only applicable for

A)   Big charges
B)   Small charges
C)   Point charges
D)   Any charges
Answer:   C

#2 What is resistance?

A)   The opposition offer to the flow of charges in a conductor is called resistance
B)   Resistance of metal is lower
C)   Resistance of insulator is higher
D)   Resistance of semi conducter is in between
Answer:   A

#3 The study of Physics deals with

A)   The laws of motion
B)   The structure of space and time
C)   Force Present in the nature
D)   All of the above
Answer:   D

#4 Bio means life and logy mean __________

A)   Teach
B)   Living things
C)   Study
D)   Plants
Answer:   C

#5 Glucose syrup is prepared from

A)   Maize
B)   Sugar cane
C)   Grapes
D)   Apples
Answer:   A

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