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#1 Which animal can create the loudest sound among any living creature?

A)   Donkey
B)   Monkey
C)   Humpback whales
D)   Dog
Answer:   C

#2 Who is General Secretary of UN (2022)?

A)   Boutros Boutros-Ghali
B)   Ban Ki-moon
C)   António Guterres
D)   Kofi Annan
Answer:   C

#3 Joe Bidden assumed office on ___________

A)   20 Jan, 2021
B)   12 Dec, 2021,
C)   10 Aug, 2021
D)   9 Oct, 2021
Answer:   A

#4 The study of teeth is called

A)   Dentalogy
B)   Odontology
C)   Ophthalmology
D)   Dermatology
Answer:   B

#5 The Lenght of M-1 (Motorway between Islamabad and Peshawar) is _____ Km

A)   195
B)   155
C)   165
D)   149
Answer:   B

#6 M-2 is the motorway between

A)   Lahore to Multan
B)   Multan to Sukkar
C)   Islamabad to Lahore
D)   Lahore to Sailkot
Answer:   C

#7 The length of motorway (M-2) between islamabad and lahore is

A)   360 km
B)   392 km
C)   353 km
D)   367 km
Answer:   D

#8 The Motorway between Lahore and Abdul Hakeem is

A)   M-5
B)   M-14
C)   M3
D)   M6
Answer:   C

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