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#1 When Iran officially became an Islamic Republic on ___________?

A)   March 01, 1979
B)   April 01, 1979
C)   February 01, 1979
D)   None of these
Answer:   B

#2 Which country lies on the western side of the Iberian Peninsula?

A)   Spain
B)   Portugal
C)   Andorra
D)   France
Answer:   B

#3 When did Pakistan came into being?

A)   1946
B)   1947
C)   1945
D)   1948
Answer:   B

#4 Host for Commonwealth games 2026?

A)   China
B)   Australia
C)   France
D)   Itlay
Answer:   B

#5 The world biggest importer of arms

A)   India
B)   China
C)   Russia
D)   USA
Answer:   A

#6 The name of the motorway beteen Peshawar to Islamabad is

A)   M-1
B)   M-2
C)   M-3
D)   M-4
Answer:   A

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