Test: ETEA

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#31 Ctrl + 5 is used for

A)   inserting No 5
B)   increasing size of selecting font to 5
C)   making 1.5 space among lines
D)   inserting 5 numbering list at cursor position
Answer:   C

#32 Coulomb’s law is only applicable for

A)   Big charges
B)   Small charges
C)   Point charges
D)   Any charges
Answer:   C

#33 Ctrl + E is used for _______ ?

A)   Centre Alignment
B)   Print Preview
C)   Page Size Change
D)   Spelling and Grammar Check
Answer:   A

#34 She was hiding ______the table

A)   in
B)   on
C)   under
D)   of
Answer:   C

#35 The cat jumped ______ the counter.

A)   off
B)   in
C)   to
D)   of
Answer:   A

#36 He drove ________ the bridge.

A)   on
B)   over
C)   off
D)   in
Answer:   B

#37 He is very kind _________ animals.

A)   by
B)   to
C)   from
D)   of
Answer:   B

#38 Charity begins ________ home.

A)   from
B)   with
C)   at
D)   by
Answer:   C

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