Test: PMA

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#41 Which planet moves fastest around the sun?

A)   Mars
B)   Mercury
C)   Jupiter
D)   Uranus
Answer:   B

#42 Which of the following branch of zoology deals with the study of insects?

A)   Ethology
B)   Ornithology
C)   Entomology
D)   Herpetology
Answer:   C

#43 Which part of the donor’s eye is utilized in eye donation?

A)   Cornea
B)   Lens
C)   Retina
D)   None of these
Answer:   A

#44 Which is the longest bone in the human body?

A)   Tibia
B)   Femur
C)   Leg
D)   Stapes
Answer:   B

#45 ……… became the youngest person of the world who climbed “Kanchenjugna” the third highest peak of the world.

A)   Sahid Ali Sad Para
B)   Hanif Muhammad
C)   Shehroz Kashif
D)   Rana Kashif
Answer:   C

#46 Saudi Arabia Restored relationship with CANAD Aafter ________ years

A)   2
B)   1
C)   4
D)   5
Answer:   D

#47 Pakistan has officially been removed from the FATF ‘grey list’ on:

A)   21st August 2021
B)   21st September 2021
C)   21st August 2022
D)   21st October 2022
Answer:   D

#48 Fatima Jinnah Date of Birth Year ___________

A)   1889
B)   1893
C)   1897
D)   1892
Answer:   B

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