Test: ETEA

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#51 An animal

A)   Bare
B)   Bear
C)   __
D)   __
Answer:   B

#52 __________ the body in the grave

A)   Bury
B)   Berry
C)   __
D)   __
Answer:   A

#53 The Distance between the pixels on the monitor is called?

A)   Size
B)   Resolution
C)   Dot pitch
D)   Refresh Rate
Answer:   C

#54 What is resistance?

A)   The opposition offer to the flow of charges in a conductor is called resistance
B)   Resistance of metal is lower
C)   Resistance of insulator is higher
D)   Resistance of semi conducter is in between
Answer:   A

#55 ___________ memory is a type memory which need power to retain its data.

A)   Volatile
B)   Non-Volatile
C)   Secondary
D)   Magnetic
Answer:   A

#56 There are _________ numbers of loop in C++ language

A)   1
B)   2
C)   3
D)   4
Answer:   C

#57 Which of the following device is considered to be the first computer ?

A)   Difference Engine
C)   Tabulating Machine
D)   Mark 1
Answer:   B

#58 Which of the following is the process of storing the data information and instructions?

A)   Input operation
B)   Processing operation
C)   Output operation
D)   Storage operation
Answer:   D

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