Test: ETEA

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#61 which of the following is the process of strong the data information and instructions ?

A)   input operation
B)   processing operation
C)   output operation
D)   storage operation
Answer:   D

#62 ________ computers are the second powerful and expensive computers than supercomputers.

A)   microcomputers
B)   mini computers
C)   mainframe computers
D)   laptops
Answer:   C

#63 __________is not a portable computer system ?

A)   laptop
B)   PDA
C)   notebook
D)   mainframe
Answer:   D

#64 which software is used to analyze configure, optimize and maintain the computer ?

A)   operation system
B)   device driver
C)   utility software
D)   language processor
Answer:   A

#65 ________ translates high level language program line-by-line

A)   Interpreter
B)   compiler
C)   assembler
D)   processor
Answer:   A

#66 ____________ is a term often used for the fixed small programs that control various electronic devices.

A)   open source
B)   fireware
C)   shareware
D)   freeware
Answer:   B

#67 ____________ printer creates an image by pressing an inked ribbon against the paper.

A)   laser jet
B)   plotter
C)   laser
D)   dot-matrix
Answer:   D

#68 ________is the smallest amount of memory a computer can holds?

A)   Bytes
B)   KB
C)   Bit
D)   MB
Answer:   C

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