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#1 The study of Physics deals with

A)   The laws of motion
B)   The structure of space and time
C)   Force Present in the nature
D)   All of the above
Answer:   D

#2 The architect of Faisal Mosque was: ___________?

A)   Kenzo Tange
B)   Vedat Dalokay
C)   Nasreddin Murat Khan
D)   Diotisalvi
Answer:   B

#3 27th March celebrated as Wolrd ________ Day?

A)   Forest Day
B)   Library Day
C)   Theatre(Entertainment) Day
D)   Water Day
Answer:   C

#4 Which animal can create the loudest sound among any living creature?

A)   Donkey
B)   Monkey
C)   Humpback whales
D)   Dog
Answer:   C

#5 Which country lies on the western side of the Iberian Peninsula?

A)   Spain
B)   Portugal
C)   Andorra
D)   France
Answer:   B

#6 When Iran officially became an Islamic Republic on ___________?

A)   March 01, 1979
B)   April 01, 1979
C)   February 01, 1979
D)   None of these
Answer:   B

#7 1 x 0 =

A)   0
B)   1
C)   10
D)   100
Answer:   A

#8 5 x 10 =

A)   25
B)   510
C)   50
D)   5
Answer:   C

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