Book: Verbal IQ by Fakhr-Ud-Din Shahab mcqs

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#31 A is father of B but is not A’s son, what is relationship of B to A?

A)   Uncle
B)   Cousin
C)   Father
D)   Daughter
Answer:   D

#32 Essence is to Flower as ______ is to Oven?

A)   Heat
B)   Vapor
C)   Steam
D)   Ice
Answer:   A

#33 My mother is sister of your brother. What relation am I to you?

A)   Cousin
B)   Uncle
C)   Nephew
D)   Brother
Answer:   C

#34 Which one is out of list?

A)   Buffalo
B)   Goat
C)   Sheep
D)   Horse
Answer:   D

#35 What will come next? 16 12 28 8 4 ____

A)   12
B)   4
C)   2
D)   40
Answer:   A

#36 Which statement is true for the word FLOWER?

A)   R comes after W
B)   L comes before O
C)   E comes after W
D)   None of these
Answer:   B

#37 Pen is to Ink, Pencil is to?

A)   Write
B)   Draw
C)   Lead
D)   Sketch
Answer:   C

#38 7 9 5 11 4 15 12 7 13 8 11 ?

A)   8
B)   10
C)   11
D)   13
Answer:   B

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