Level: PHD mcqs

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#1 Host for Commonwealth games 2026?

A)   China
B)   Australia
C)   France
D)   Itlay
Answer:   B

#2 Who is General Secretary of UN (2022)?

A)   Boutros Boutros-Ghali
B)   Ban Ki-moon
C)   António Guterres
D)   Kofi Annan
Answer:   C

#3 When did Covid-19 was declared as a Pandemic ____________?

A)   January 5, 2020
B)   February 9, 2020
C)   March 11, 2020
D)   April 17, 2020
Answer:   C

#4 A combination of two or more columns used to identify particular row in a relation is a ___________.

A)   Secondary key
B)   composite key
C)   foreign key
D)   primary key
Answer:   B

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