Level: DIT mcqs

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#1 ___________ memory is a type memory which need power to retain its data.

A)   Volatile
B)   Non-Volatile
C)   Secondary
D)   Magnetic
Answer:   A

#2 The number of pixels (or dots) per square inch area of a monitor is called

A)   Size
B)   Resolution
C)   Dot Pitch
D)   Refresh Rate
Answer:   B

#3 Which of the following is not an input device?

A)   Mouse
B)   Scanner
C)   Digital Camera
D)   Speaker
Answer:   D

#4 Which one is not a portable computer.

A)   Laptop
B)   PDA
C)   Notebook
D)   Mini Computer
Answer:   D

#5 Which computers are the second powerful and expensive computers than supercomputers.

A)   Micro computers
B)   mini computers
C)   mainframe computers
D)   laptops
Answer:   C

#6 Which of the following software are set of programs that operate and control the computer system?

A)   Freeware
B)   Shareware
C)   System Software
D)   Application Software
Answer:   C

#7 There are _________ numbers of loop in C++ language

A)   1
B)   2
C)   3
D)   4
Answer:   C

#8 _______ Coordinates and controls the computer system just like the brain controls the human body .

A)   Bus
B)   Control Unit
C)   Output Unit
D)   Register
Answer:   B

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