Level: Class 10th mcqs

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#1 Bio means life and logy mean __________

A)   Teach
B)   Living things
C)   Study
D)   Plants
Answer:   C

#2 What is the maximum font size you can apply for any character in Ms Word?

A)   1638
B)   72
C)   128
D)   1024
Answer:   A

#3 When MS word was launched _________?

A)   1980
B)   1970
C)   1983
D)   1977
Answer:   C

#4 Which Shortcut key is used for Bold Command ?

A)   Ctrl + D
B)   Ctrl + Shift + B
C)   Ctril + Alt + B
D)   Ctrl + B
Answer:   D

#5 Ctrl + 5 is used for

A)   inserting No 5
B)   increasing size of selecting font to 5
C)   making 1.5 space among lines
D)   inserting 5 numbering list at cursor position
Answer:   C

#6 Which is the Shortcut key to Apply the Normal style?

A)   Ctrl + Shift + N
B)   Ctrl + N
C)   Shift + N
D)   Ctrl+Alt+N
Answer:   A

#7 Ctrl + E is used for _______ ?

A)   Centre Alignment
B)   Print Preview
C)   Page Size Change
D)   Spelling and Grammar Check
Answer:   A

#8 She was hiding ______the table

A)   in
B)   on
C)   under
D)   of
Answer:   C

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