Level: Class 9th mcqs

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#11 __________ the body in the grave

A)   Bury
B)   Berry
C)   __
D)   __
Answer:   A

#12 What is resistance?

A)   The opposition offer to the flow of charges in a conductor is called resistance
B)   Resistance of metal is lower
C)   Resistance of insulator is higher
D)   Resistance of semi conducter is in between
Answer:   A

#13 Which planet moves fastest around the sun?

A)   Mars
B)   Mercury
C)   Jupiter
D)   Uranus
Answer:   B

#14 Which part of the donor’s eye is utilized in eye donation?

A)   Cornea
B)   Lens
C)   Retina
D)   None of these
Answer:   A

#15 Which is the longest bone in the human body?

A)   Tibia
B)   Femur
C)   Leg
D)   Stapes
Answer:   B

#16 When was NATO formed?

A)   1943
B)   1953
C)   1949
D)   1950
Answer:   C

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